Only Jossie Pérez’s Carmen had real flair, and she had it in spades. Pérez threw herself into the role with intensity from her first appearance, repeatedly attacking Manuelita, Carmen’s factory foe, physically and verbally. She sang the entire role in a rich, colorful mezzo-soprano. Against these considerable virtues must be set a characterization that ran to extremes.

– Mark Mandel Opera News

Carmen espectacular La opera de Bizet tuvo una noche de gran lucimiento de la mano de la mezzosoprano puertorriquena Jossie Perez.
La gran estrella de la noche fue la fogosa Mezzosoprano Jossie Perez.  Desde el momento en que aparece en escena, logra concentrar las miradas con su belleza, su sensualidad, su estilizada figura y ciertamente con su canto. La voz de Jossie Perez es calida , de un timbre muy agradable y sin temor a aventurarse en la zone aguda de la partitura tal de acentuar el dramastismo y en su caso, la pasion irrefrenable.

– Claudio Gaete El Nuevo Dia

Spectacular Carmen Bizet’s opera had an amazing night at the hands of Puertorrican Mezzo Soprano Jossie Perez.  The Star of the night was the spirited Mezzo Soprano Jossie Perez.  From the moment she appears on stage,  she manages to focus every ones eyes with her beauty, her sensuality, her slender figure, and lat but not least with her voice.  Jossie Perez voice is warm, of a very pleasant timbre and has no fear of venturing into the optional high registers of the role in order to accent the drama and in her case the unstoppable passion.

– Claudio Gaete The New Day

A sultry Carmen, all Gypsy in looks and voice Jossie Perez embodies the quintessential hot dame.  Jossie Perez sang the central role of Carmen with a sense of off-handedness that set her neatly against the obvious desire of the men who surround her.

-David Stabler The Oregonian

“The mezzo’s got looks, charisma, confidence, humor,  and a voice to die for….a great new singing actress”

– Boston Globe

“Jossie Perez skillfully handled the “trouser role of Idamante.  Her warm ample mezzo filled out the music, while her acting had a great deal of nuance.”

– Washington Post

“Jossie Perez captured the heat of adolescence without overplaying it…gave nimble, beautifully phrased accounts of Cherubino’s two showpieces, “Non so piu” and “Voi che sapete”.  Jossie Perez made a great cherubino she has the height and figure to play the adolescent youth ….and won cheers for her arias.”

– New York Times

“Comfortable flexible singing and some of the best comic facial expressions since Lucille Ball…..true natural Star Quality”

– Boston Globe